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Lady Angels Fast-pitch
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1st Annual Eastlake Summer Classic
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Pictures from the tournament in South Euclid. We came in 1st.

Bad Picture of Tricia and Liz

Bad picture of Tricia and Liz at the South Euclid tournament

Dennis and Jen

One of our coaches, Dennis, walking back from the field. Ms. Schendel is in the background.



Ms. Schendel

Jen Schendel, one of our coaches and our business manager, with Liz in the background.

Sara and Steph

Sara and Steph

Picture of the Field at South Euclid

The field at South Euclid. In this picture Rachel is playing third base, Tricia is playing first, Shannon is playing second, and Rissy is catching.


Tricia demonstrating how to knock someone down.



Liz and Rissy

A bad picture of me (Liz) with our catcher Rissy.

Small Group

Carlyn, Liz, Rachel, Tabitha, Tricia, Rissy, and Shannon.

Lady Angels Fast-pitch